Basko Healthcare cervical orthotics & braces - protection and support of the cervical spine

Injuries to the cervical spine and neck pain are, after discomforts on the lumbar vertebrae, among the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The cervical spine must bear the relatively large weight of the head, but at the same time must also be extremely flexible in mobility. This makes the neck vulnerable to injuries due to accidents, poor posture, and also overload, which then necessitates immobilization of the neck with cervical orthoses and bandages.

Basko Healthcare cervical orthoses & braces - rehabilitation through stabilization and fixation

Especially after cervical surgery or after a whiplash - often the result of a car accident - or cervical vertebral fracture, but also during nerve irritations or inflammations, sufficient stabilization, fixation and relief is required to allow the cervical spine to heal.

Basko Healthcare cervical orthotics & braces - from soft to extra firm foam

Basko Healthcare has a cervical orthoses and braces product line for different solutions to stabilize, support, correct or fix the vulnerable area between head and shoulders as well as to relieve the surrounding musculature. Often, e.g., after a whiplash, a simple neck collar made of foam is sufficient for the necessary stabilization and pain relief of the neck.