Stomacare Belt EasyCut 10 cm height

Stomacare EasyCut belts

Stomacare Support Belts are primarily intended for postoperative support of the abdominal wall and to prevent hernia/prolapse formation caused by physical activities (sports, gardening, etc.). They offer stoma wearers a high comforting, safe and secure feeling in everyday life. Matched to the individual needs, different models are available.
With the EasyCut belts it is easy to quickly apply, fit and adjust the stoma aperture into the belt with the patient present on site. Both at home or at the hospital. Important feature is the material doesn't fray so, adapted to the individual needs, the position, shape and diameter can easily be applied with a pair of scissors. Finishing of the belt is not necessary.
Also, the EasyCut models are very suitable for stoma wearers using an irrigation system or had a relocation of their stoma.
The EasyCut model is available in the color light grey. With this we are able to meet the wishes of many stoma-wearers for a belt color that is very unobtrusive and especially under light clothing offers discretion to improve the quality of life.

Article/size chart

Article Unit Size Height Abdominal circumference Color Z-index
326.1-S stuk small 10 cm 70 - 79 cm grey 16582012
326.1-M stuk medium 10 cm 80 - 89 cm grey 16582020
326.1-L stuk large 10 cm 90 - 99 cm grey 16582039
326.1-XL stuk X-large 10 cm 100 - 109 cm grey 16582047
326.1-XXL stuk XX-large 10 cm 110 - 120 cm grey 16582055
326.1-XXXL stuk XXX-large 10 cm 121 - 130 grey 16582063
326.1-XXXXL stuk XXXX-large 10 cm 131 - 140 cm grey 16582071
326-M stuk medium 10 cm 80 - 89 cm white 16297296
326-L stuk large 10 cm 90 - 99 cm white 16297318
326-XL stuk X-large 10 cm 100 - 109 cm white 16297326
326-XXL stuk XX-large 10 cm 110 - 120 cm white 16297334
326-XXXL stuk XXX-large 10 cm 121 - 130 cm white 16297342
326-XXXXL stuk XXXX-large 10 cm 131 - 140 cm white 16297350


  • Integrated stabilizing ribs for an optimal fit
  • Integrated Velcro for Protector™ attachment
  • Material: latex-free belt; 85% polyester and 15% lycra; strengthening plate: EVA

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Abdominal wall weakness (ICD10: M79.9)
  • Cicatricial and Stoma hernia (ICD10: K43.9)
  • Colon Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Colostomy (ICD10: Z93.3)
  • Enterostomie (ICD10: Z93.4)
  • Ileam Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Ileostomy (ICD10: Z93.2)
  • Prolapse (ICD10: K91.4)
  • Ureterocutaneostoma (ICD10: Z93.6)
  • Urostomy (ICD10: Z93.6)


StomaCare Protector

The StomaCare Protector protects your stoma during activities. It can also prevent the feeling of pressure due to the seatbelt when driving....