Stomacare Belt EasyOpener Plus

Stomacare Belt EasyOpener Plus

The next generation Stomacare Ostomy Belts
High user comfort due to Coolmax material
The EasyOpener Plus Ostomy Belt is manufactured of breathable Coolmax material, which ensures maximum removal of perspiration from the body towards the fabric of the belt. This keeps the body pleasantly dry, even during increased physical activity. The light gray color offers optimal discretion, even under light-colored clothing.
More convenient changing of the ostomy pouch
The EasyOpener Plus Ostomy Belt has a second, embedded closure underneath the stoma aperture and offers more comfort when changing the stoma pouch: the belt does not have to be completely taken off first. The EasyOpener Plus belt has a standard height of 15 cm and has an integrated stoma opening that is finished off with a multiflex ring. To determine the correct diameter, the outer flange size of the relevant system will determine the size.
The „Plusses" at a glance
  • Coolmax material offers high user comfort and pleasant temperature regulation
  • Light gray color offers optimal discretion
  • Integrated Multiflex ring offers poper hygiene and ensures a solid and stable stoma aperture
  • A second, embedded closure underneath the stoma aperture offers more comfort when changing the stoma pouch
  • Thin and unelastic front panel supports the abdominal wall to prevent prolapse/hernia
  • Integrated prolapse cover for ostomy shielding
  • Available in four heights

Article/size chart

Article Unit Size Stoma side Stoma opening Height Abdominal circumference Color
S3156004L-L stuk large left 60 mm 15 cm 90 - 100 cm cool grey


  • Abdominal wall support and hernia prevention
  • Compensating for insufficient muscle function
  • Keeping the ostomy pouch in place

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Abdominal wall weakness (ICD10: M79.9)
  • Cicatricial and Stoma hernia (ICD10: K43.9)
  • Colon Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Colostomy (ICD10: Z93.3)
  • Enterostomie (ICD10: Z93.4)
  • Ileam Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Ileostomy (ICD10: Z93.2)
  • Prolapse (ICD10: K91.4)
  • Ureterocutaneostoma (ICD10: Z93.6)
  • Urostomy (ICD10: Z93.6)



Stomacare BellyBag for Stomacare Belts

Secure hold for the ostomy pouch.

StomaCare Protector

The StomaCare Protector guards your stoma during activities against pressure and impact.