Stomacare Belts Standard Models semi-finished

Stomacare Belts Standard Models semi-finished

The Stomacare belts are used primarily as post-operative support of the abdominal wall and prevention of prolapse among others with physical activities (playing sports, gardening, etc.). The Stomacare belts are manufactured from elastic textiles with integrated stays that guarantee a good, fold-proof fit. The Stomacare belts are easy to close due to the integrated Velcro. Various models adapted to the individual needs are available.
The Standard Models are ready-made, available heights in 10 cm, 15 cm or 22,5 cm, supplied with an integrated stoma opening (60 mm, 72 mm or 85 mm Ø) and designed to be used with the most common single and multi-part systems or as a semi-manufactured model which allows for individual positioning and a tailored stoma opening. The diameter dimension of the opening is determined by the outer ring size of the system.

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  • Integrated stabilizing ribs for an optimal fit
  • Integrated Velcro for Protector™ attachment
  • Material: latex-free belt; 85% polyester and 15% lycra; strengthening plate: EVA

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Abdominal wall weakness (ICD10: M79.9)
  • Cicatricial and Stoma hernia (ICD10: K43.9)
  • Colon Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Colostomy (ICD10: Z93.3)
  • Enterostomie (ICD10: Z93.4)
  • Ileam Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Ileostomy (ICD10: Z93.2)
  • Prolapse (ICD10: K91.4)
  • Ureterocutaneostoma (ICD10: Z93.6)
  • Urostomy (ICD10: Z93.6)


Stomacare BellyBag for Stomacare Belts

Secure hold for the ostomy pouch.

StomaCare Protector

The StomaCare Protector guards your stoma during activities against pressure and impact.

Stomacare Size Trial Belt

Size measurement tool for Ostomy nurses.