Stomacare ProtectorMax

Stomacare ProtectorMax

The Stomacare ProtectorMax offers the Ostomate, during daily and leisure activities (e.g. at work, during driving, sports, etc.) additional protection against inconveniences and risks of pressure, bumps or unintended force effects on the stoma. The Stomacare ProtectorMax offers:
  • Maximized Protection
  • Maximized Comfort
  • Maximized Compliance
Maximized protection: the use of the ProtectorMax reduces the risk of entrapment of the stoma pouch, for example at night - especially for abdominal sleepers, during intimate moments or when wearing tight clothing, belts, etc.
Maximized comfort: the ProtectorMax offers discretion by covering the stoma and - thanks to its light grey colour - is virtually invisible, even under light-colored clothing.
Maximized compliance: the ProtectorMax is available in a universal size. The included adjustable elastic waistband provides support and keeps the ProtectorMax in place which eliminates the need for a belt.

Article/size chart

Article Unit Size Width Height Circumference Color Z-index
CG300 stuk universal 14 cm 11 cm 70 - 140 cm grey 16838238


  • A shell-shaped, anatomical design that absorbs unwanted impact forces
  • Soft rubbery edging and inside surface padding for high wearing comfort against the skin
  • Adjustable elastic waistband for individual adaption to different body shapes
  • Light grey color offers discretion and is almost invisible, even under light-colored clothing
  • Supplied with a protective plastic box for transport and storage
  • Materials: ABS, TPU, Nylon, Polyamide, Elasthane and Viscose. Latex free
  • Color: grey

Product Functions

The Stomacare ProtectorMax is used to protect the stoma.

Alternative products

StomaCare Protector

The StomaCare Protector guards your stoma during activities against pressure and impact.

Spare Parts

Stomacare ProtectorMax Waistband

This elastic waistband is a component of the Stomacare ProtectorMax.