Stomacare Standard Plus Ostomy Belt

Stomacare Standard Plus Ostomy Belt

The next generation Stomacare Ostomy Belts
High user comfort due to Coolmax material
The new “Plus” series within the Stomacare Ostomy belt range is manufactured from a breathable Coolmax material, which ensures maximum perspiration removal. This keeps the body comfortably dry - even during physical activities.
Tailored to individual needs
Stomacare Ostomy belts are primarily used postoperatively to support the abdominal wall. Ideal to manage prolapse and/or parastomal hernia in case of obesity or for use during vigorous exercise (sports, gardening, etc.) or heavy lifting.
To meet individual demands, the Stomacare Plus Ostomy belts are available in several models, each in four heights and identifiable by its light gray color. This color offers optimal discretion, even under light-colored clothing and thus an extra Plus for quality of life.
The „Plusses" at a glance:
  • Coolmax material offers high user comfort and pleasant temperature regulation
  • Light gray color offers optimal discretion
  • Integrated Multiflex ring offers poper hygiene and ensures a solid and stable stoma aperture
  • Thin and unelastic front panel supports the abdominal wall to prevent prolapse/hernia
  • Integrated prolapse cover for ostomy shielding
  • Available in four heights
Washing Instructions
Machine wash recommended at 40°C (104°F). Belt can be washed up to 60°C (140°F) but high temperatures will reduce the life time of the product. Seal the Velcros. Use washing bag. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.

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Stomacare Standard Plus Ostomy Belt - Height 10 cm

  • Stoma aperture is finished with an integrated plastic ring for shape retention and added stability and is easy to clean
  • Integrated boning for optimal fit
  • Abdominal velour panel for attachment of the Protector/BellyBag
  • Coolmax material ensures maximum moisture transportation
  • Material: Coolmax (polyester, polyamide, elastane); velour: (polyester); plastic: (POM, TPE); latex-free
  • Color: light gray

Product Functions

Stomacare Standard Plus Ostomy Belt - Height 10 cm

  • Abdominal wall support and hernia prevention
  • Compensating for insufficient muscle function
  • Keeping stoma collection pouch in proper position

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Abdominal wall weakness (ICD10: M79.9)
  • Cicatricial and Stoma hernia (ICD10: K43.9)
  • Colon Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Colostomy (ICD10: Z93.3)
  • Enterostomie (ICD10: Z93.4)
  • Ileam Conduit (ICD10: Z93.9)
  • Ileostomy (ICD10: Z93.2)
  • Prolapse (ICD10: K91.4)
  • Ureterocutaneostoma (ICD10: Z93.6)
  • Urostomy (ICD10: Z93.6)


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