Upper extremity

Basko Healthcare orthotics & bandages for the upper extremity - we take you by the hand!

The hand is the most important gripper of the human body and almost constantly in action because of its extremely versatile applicability. A total of 27 bones offer, in sublime alignment with the right muscles, tendons and ligaments - and in combination with the forearm - an exceptionally high mobility and the necessary force development. However, this very complex construction of the hand is also prone to injury. Basko Healthcare’s orthotics & bandages for the upper extremity provide in case of injury the necessary immobilization and fixation of hand and fingers to the elbow, so that damaged structures can heal again.

Basko Healthcare orthotics & bandages for the upper extremity - from finger to elbow

It can happen quickly: during sports, as a result of a fall, but also persistent injuries and overexertion can cause extremely painful tendons, ligament and joint injuries, but also fractures from the fingers, hand and wrist to the elbow, and not infrequently also be treated surgically. To alleviate the acute pain and to promote the healing process in a sustainable manner, it is usually necessary to care for the affected limbs in a professional manner..
Basko Healthcare offers a wide range of orthoses and bandages for the upper extremity that offer tailor-made solutions to meet the different requirements for immobilizing the thumb, fingers, wrist and elbow.

CMCcare Thumb Brace

Intended use: The CMCcare thumb brace is characterized by a high degree of efficiency, comfort and quality with the objective to maintain maximum hand function.

Rhizocare Thumb Splint

Intended use: This thumb splint is used both conservative as well as post-operative and intended to immobilize the wrist, thumb, saddle and thumb basal joint.

Basko Healthcare orthotics & bandages for the upper extremity - Customized solutions

The anatomically shaped Rhizocare thumb orthosis with wrist strap guarantees reliable immobilization of the thumb saddle connection and the metacarpophalangeal connection via an integrated aluminum stay and an individually adjustable thumb strap. If the gripping function of the thumb is to be maintained and light tasks such as writing or holding objects must remain possible, then the CMCcare thumb orthosis can be used. With an integrated and moldable aluminum core, the thumb saddle connection is stabilized, which is necessary for proper treatment. The Velcro closure is designed to match the desired direction of tension with the patient while maintaining the correct functional position.