FreeMotion companion joint

FreeMotion companion joint

This single-axis joint is ideal for use as a free motion companion joint in combination with a functional joint. The joint is positioned on the contralateral side of the affected joint and provides the desired torsional rigidity of the orthosis.

Article/size chart

Article Unit Size Side Lenght Width Height Weight Joint head diameter
FM18B stuk small universal 400 mm 12 mm 11 mm 105 g 18 mm
FM22B stuk medium universal 400 mm 16 mm 11 mm 140 g 22 mm


  • Free-moving
  • Single-axis
  • Joint is demountable
  • Material: stainless steel

Product Functions

Companion joint which provides sufficient torsional rigidity to the orthosis.



Intended use: T-bar for correct alignment of joints on the positive Cast.

STL files