MultiStatic Corrective Joints

MultiStatic Corrective Joints

Functional limitations: joint mobility and muscle tone.
Intended use: Treatment of correctable contractures.
The MultiStatic Corrective Joints enables fast, efficient and adequate static treatment of contractures - mainly due to orthopedic diseases - according on the HLBS* principles. The angle of the joint is set by an eccentric axis. This Corrective Joint is used in orthoses for both children and adults.
* HLBS = High Load Brief Stretch

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MultiStatic Corrective Joints

  • Easy angle adjustment due to optimally positioned joint axis
  • Can be used in Flexion or Extension
  • Continuous angle adjustment of +120° to -120° 
  • Integrated bars 
  • Can be used left and right 
  • Material: stainless steel

MultiStatic Free Motion Joint

  • Free motion
  • Single axis 
  • Material: stainless steel

Product Functions

MultiStatic Corrective Joints

Continuously adjustable static extension or flexion of the joint.

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Apoplexy (CVA) (ICD10: I64)
  • Burns (ICD10: T95:9)
  • Cerebral palsy (ICD10: G80.9)
  • Cranial cerebral trauma (ICD10: S06.9)
  • Hemiplegia (ICD10: G81)
  • Heridit√§re spastische Parese (ICD10: G11.4)
  • Multiple sclerosis (ICD10: G35)
  • Spastic diplegia (ICD10: G80.1)
  • Spastische Parese (ICD10: G82.1)
  • Spastische Tetraparese (ICD10: G82.4)
  • Spina Bifida (ICD10: Q05)
  • Spinal pralysis, spastic (ICD10: G11.4)
  • Tetraplegie, spastisch (ICD10: G80.0)
  • Triplegie, spastisch (ICD10: G80.9)

Contra indications

  • Ankylosis (ICD10: M24.69)
  • Fibrosis (ICD10: M35)
  • muscles and bones deformation
  • Ossification (ICD10: M61.9)

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