MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for children

MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for children

The MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for children consists of two components, the corrective joint and abduction uprights. Both components are available in size Small and Regular and can also be ordered separately from each other.
This system is assembled on a custom made KAFO orthosis and provides for a dynamic stretch to the coronal plane (the adductors), while statically allowing the practitioner to set the rotation angle of the hip. This allows for the leg to be positioned in a physiologically correct way and to stabilize the hip joint. The adductors are successively, precise and evenly stretched. As a result, the growth of the truncated tissue can be stimulated and atrophied tissue is repaired.

Article/size chart

Article Unit Size Appropriate for
MM-HA-S set small Body length < 105 cm
MM-HA-R set regular Body length > 105 cm


  • Adjustable dynamic tension
  • Abduction-/Adduction stops adjustable increments 12° (Small) and 14° (Regular)
  • Adjustable internal/external rotation (-40° to +40°)
  • Quick release, easily disconnects uprights from brace
  • Uprights telescope to accommodate growth
  • Material: joint: aluminum, steel, brass, PC-/ABS-plastic;
  • Uprights: anodized aluminum

Product Functions

  • Infinitely adjustable dynamic abduction of the hip joint
  • Limiting the adduction or abduction of the hip joint
  • Locking the hip abduction and adduction
  • Rotation setting of the hip

Benefits in achieving therapy goals

  • Improvement/restoration of joint mobility
  • Safe and step-wise joint mobilization
  • Extension/mobilization of spastic musculature
  • Improvement of the resting position
  • Prevention of cartilage damage and ulcers

Indications / Diagnoses

  • Hip subluxation, congenital (ICD10: Q65.5)
  • Spastic diplegia (ICD10: G80.1)
  • Tetraplegie, spastisch (ICD10: G80.0)
  • Triplegie, spastisch (ICD10: G80.9)


MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective System Joint

Intended use: this dynamic correction system ensures fast efficient and adequate treatment of contractures.