In this section you will find more information about our products regarding orthotics and bandages, orthotic components, textiles, materials and tools. Within the sections, the products are subdivided based on body area or product type.

New products

FreeMotion Free Movable Joints

Intended use: single-axis free motion joint can be used individually, or as a companion joint on the contralateral side to improve the torsional rigidity.

MultiMotion alignment unit

Intended use: Alignment unit is used for the correct alignment of the MultiMotion System Joint onto the cast positive.

MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective System Joint

Intended use: this dynamic correction system ensures fast efficient and adequate treatment of contractures.

MultiStatic Regression Joints

Intended use: Static treatment of correctable contractures according to the HLBS* principles.

Stomacare Belt EasyOpener Plus

Intended use: Stomacare belts are primarily postoperatively used to support the abdominal wall. Application: Ostomy belt for daily use.